Resilient Souls

—  We all see people experiencing homelessness and hunger everywhere in the streets of New York; their number has never been so high since the Great Depression. But we rarely know who they are, what their story is and how exactly they survive in such a harsh environment.

I have spent several months behind the doors of the shelters and in the programs of the Bowery Mission, the largest and oldest NGO taking care of New Yorkers in need. I met New Yorkers who are not “just” without a home. They are disconnected from their family and any kind of social relationship; they have no more trust in others or themselves; they have lost their sense of identity. But they are still here, -struggling.

Those survivors of our contemporary world can teach us much more than we think about life, resilience and the importance of spirituality. They are wiser than many of us. I dedicate this work to those who have the courage to stand up and fight for their dignity as human beings.