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Steve Fiehl is a former entrepreneur, and photographer originally from Paris, France.

A former entrepreneur, Steve has started to dedicate his time to photography when he moved to New York City in 2014. He is a member of the International Center for Photography and shares his time between Paris and New York.

His first long term project, “Resilient Souls”, portraying the homeless people in NYC trying to get out of the street, have been exhibited at the Plaza Hotel in February 2019 and at the ICP Museum on June 11, 2019. Other exhibitions are planned throughout 2020, especially at the United Nations during the International Week of Poverty, with the ambition to help change the way we look at homelessness.

Steve has also been working for leading magazines like Enjeux Les Échos.

Steve has had a long passion for people and personal growth, hence his main focus on portraits.
“My former business was helping millions of people to transform themselves thanks to e-learning,” he says, “with my photography, I would like to witness our inner struggles, our successes and our failures, all what makes us human beings.”


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